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Tradecheck - reliable and trustworthy local tradesmen

What does Tradecheck offer to the public?

Trade Check is a free online resource for people wishing to find reputable local tradesmen in Devon, Somerset, Cornwall and Dorset.

The aim of this service is to help stamp out the cowboys and rogue traders and empower our users to make informed choices in selecting the right company for the right job!

All our registered tradesmen have to provide us with trade and customer references before we will register them on the site for inclusion in our list of bonafide tradespeople. Coupled with this, they must possess the minimum legal trading qualifications and a minimum of two years experience. Every trade and customer reference is checked by our team before any trader listing is made active on the site.

We hope that through our efforts you will confidently find the recommended tradesman that you will need for whatever project or job you need completing.

Help us to help you by writing reviews or comments about tradesmen you have used from www.tradecheck.co.uk and give them a STAR rating for all to see.

Are you having trouble finding local reputable tradesmen?

A new and easy way to find local tradesmen in your area is to use our simple search form at the top of this page or try our Google Map Local Tradesmen search feature.

It can be a hard job spotting the cowboys from the genuine tradesmen, and it's always nice to see what other people say about them and the ratings they've been given for their work. The more positive ratings and reviews, the better chance of getting a reliable and reputable tradesman!

Find local tradesmen on our search map?

On the local tradespeople map search page all you have to do is follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Enter your postcode/town to center the map on you.
  2. Select the type of local tradesperson or company you're looking for.
  3. Click on any of the markers that appear to view their information.

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Find, employ, rate and review.

Find local tradesmen, get quotes for your job/work, employ the best tradesmen for the job and on completion, rate them out of 5 stars and leave a review or comment for others to see.

Leaving a rating and review/comment is the most important part of using Tradecheck. It not only helps you pick possible builders, plumbers or electricians for your work, but it also helps people searching for reputable tradesmen based on ratings and reviews that you leave.